11 aWhat was born as an attempt to travel through Europe to visit different emblematic cities to take pictures of tourism and urban content, ended in a trip to Valencia and Portugal because we did not get the necessary permits to photograph in the different European cities in time. These are things that happen when you learn on the go, and you do not have the time or staff to rectify.
Valencia passed without problems, and after that, we left for Portugal where, of course, the weather played from the first day. Rain, wind, and light shifting by the minute were the norm. But my kids were up to it as usual. 🙂
In the Portuguese Algarve we spent 3 days waiting for good weather and meanwhile, we took pictures of sad theme, either that or cry somewhere 🙂

Mario became ill two days before finishing and had to return home.
But as always, the spirit of the team managed to leave us with photos that start to sell very well.

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