13 aElena, a model with whom I have started to work recently, joins the team given her enormous potential and impeccable attitude. As with Laura and Mario, the rapport is excellent, even among them, and they get along fabulously. Although she gets a little embarrassed some times, she is able to laugh about it, and as she has a very contagious laugh, the others can’t help but follow and it creates very funny situations.

I must admit that I love creating those situations where she ends up red and crying from laughter. She works hard, with no complaints of any kind and has shown in a short time to be of total confidence, which is something that I personally value very much. And despite being the youngest in the group, with just 18 years, she is surprisingly mature and responsible. Everything seems to indicate that she will stay with us for a long time because from what she has told me, she is delighted to work with us. And we feel the same with her! 🙂

13 c13 bHappy student looking at you with thumbs up in a classroom with classmates in the background