This year we’ve decided to take a few Christmas inspired photos. I usually decide not to do it, as those photos sell only during a short period of time and I prefer to focus on photos that sell during the whole year.

We prepared two exterior photo shoots related to Christmas and winter concepts. One of them took place on the streets of Barcelona and the other one in Andorra.

Woman smiling at camera in winter in a mall Shopper holding shopping bags paying on line Happy shopper with shopping bags calling on phone in christmas

The photo shoot in Barcelona was completely smooth and without any problem. We were able to shoot many photos in just one day. As days are now shorter, we drove in the evening to our next location, around 300km away. It was in Andorra, a small country located between Spain and France. This second day, as usual, the weather was not helping us but unlike other days, it was too sunny. We had to go to the ski slopes to find some snow that made our photos feel more wintery.

Once we were there, good weather was our ally and it was quite a productive day with Laura and a new member of our team, a promising model.

Happy friends on christmas holidays sightseeing Happy skier looking above in the mountain Two friends joking in christmas holidays

A bit of cold, but great ambiance and 500 different photos to sell in just two sessions.

It doesn’t get any better!

You can find these winter and Christmas images and more for example on our Shutterstock and Fotolia portfolio and many more agencies.

Merry Christmas!